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; order Squamata, suborder Sauria)

A family of insectivorous, mainly nocturnal lizards in which the eye has a vertical pupil and spectacle (no eyelids). The skin is soft with sparse horny tubercles. The toes usually have transverse rows of hooked lamellae for adhesion. The tail is used as a fat store, and is capable of autotomy. Gekko gecko (tokay gecko or great house gecko) of south-east Asia and Indonesia is one of the largest geckos, growing up to 35 cm long, and is strong and aggressive, feeding on small reptiles, birds, and mammals as well as insects; its common name refers to its call of ‘tokay’. There are more than 400 species of geckos, distributed widely in warm latitudes. One species, the common house gekko (Hemidactylus bibronii), has been spread all around the tropical world by human agency, mainly as an insect-eater, but also simply for its attractiveness.

Subjects: Zoology and Animal Sciences.

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