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gene dosage

gene dosage

gene dosage

Maintenance and Loss of Duplicated Genes by Dosage Subfunctionalization

Ubc13 dosage is critical for immunoglobulin gene conversion and gene targeting in vertebrate cells

Gene dosage as a relevant mechanism contributing to the determination of ovarian function in Turner syndrome

Gene dosage effect of WEE1 on growth and morphogenesis from arabidopsis hypocotyl explants

Time-point and dosage of gene inactivation determine the tumor spectrum in conditional Ptch knockouts

Gene dosage-dependent rescue of HSP neurite defects in SPG4 patients’ neurons

MCTP2 is a dosage-sensitive gene required for cardiac outflow tract development

Widespread Transcriptional Autosomal Dosage Compensation in Drosophila Correlates with Gene Expression Level

Complete Dosage Compensation and Sex-Biased Gene Expression in the Moth Manduca sexta

Copy-Number Variation: The Balance between Gene Dosage and Expression in Drosophila melanogaster

Ohno’s “Peril of Hemizygosity” Revisited: Gene Loss, Dosage Compensation, and Mutation

Complete Dosage Compensation in Anopheles stephensi and the Evolution of Sex-Biased Genes in Mosquitoes

Regulation of c-Ret in the developing kidney is responsive to Pax2 gene dosage

Pax2 gene dosage influences cystogenesis in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Eya1 gene dosage critically affects the development of sensory epithelia in the mammalian inner ear

Pax2 gene dosage influences cystogenesis in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease


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The number of times a given gene is present in the nucleus of a cell.

Subjects: Chemistry — Genetics and Genomics.

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