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Internet top-level domain names are of two types: generic top-level domain names (gTLDs) and country-code top-level domain names (ccTLDs). The generic domain names indicate the type of Internet site. Formerly there were seven main gTLDs:

Comcommercial organizations

Eduaccredited educational establishments

GovUS government departments (nonmilitary)

Intinternational organizations (formed by treaties between countries)

MilUS military; this has three subdomains:

.af.mil Air Force

.army.mil Army

.navy.mil Navy

Netnetwork-related organizations

Organy organization, usually a nonprofit-making organization

In addition there is a special top-level name

Arpafor technical matters concerning the Internet

This list has been extended since 2000 by the addition of the following gTLDs:

Aeroused by the air-transport industry

Asiaused by the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific community

Bizused by businesses

Catused by the Catalan linguistic and cultural community

Coopused by cooperative organizations

Infofor information providers

Jobsused by human resource managers

Mobiused by consumers and providers of mobile products and services

Museumfor museums

Namefor individual users

Proused by professional individuals

Telused by businesses and individuals to publish their contact data

Travelused by the travel industry

From A Dictionary of Computing in Oxford Reference.

Subjects: Computing.

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