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The amount of DNA in the haploid genome. It is often measured in picograms, kilobases, megabases, or gigabases when organisms the size range of eukaryotes are being considered. Prokaryotic genomes are smaller and are sometimes measured in daltons (q.v.). When one refers to viral genomes or those of mitochondria or chloroplasts, the size is generally given in kilobase pairs. One kbp of DNA equals 1.02 × 10−6 picograms or 618,000 daltons. One pg of double-stranded DNA equals 0.98 × 106 kbp or 6.02 × 1011 daltons. See Genome Sizes and Gene Numbers; C value, gigabase, kilobase, megabase, picogram.

Subjects: Genetics and Genomics.

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