John George

(1804—1871) judge

'John George' can also refer to...

Charles George William St John (1809—1856) sportsman and naturalist

George John Bennett (1800—1879) actor

George John Blewett (1873—1912)

George John Cayley (1826—1878) traveller and writer

(George John) Learmont Drysdale (1866—1909) composer

George John Pinwell (1842—1875) painter and illustrator

George John Romanes (1848—1894) evolutionary biologist

George John Shaw Lefevre (1831—1928) politician

George John Singer (1786—1817) electrical researcher

George John Spencer (1758—1834) politician and book collector

George John Stevenson (1818—1888) hymnologist and historian

George John Warren (1803—1866) literary editor

George John Whyte-Melville (1821—1878) novelist and poet

George Patrick John Rushworth Jellicoe (1918—2007) army officer, politician, and businessman

Henry John George Herbert (1800—1849) travel writer

John Brinley George Thomas (1917—1997) journalist

John George Adami (1862—1926) pathologist

John George Appold (1800—1865) fur dyer and engineer

John George Augustus Prim (1821—1875) antiquary and newspaper proprietor

John George Brown (1831—1913)

John George Brown (1839—1916)

John George Champion (1815—1854) collector of plants and insects

John George Children (1777—1852) chemist

John George Cochrane (1781—1852) publisher and librarian

John George Dodson (1825—1897) politician

John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell (1845—1914) governor-general of Canada

John George Haigh (1909—1949) murderer

John George Henry Jay (1770—1849) violinist

John George Howard (1803—1890)


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