John George

(1804—1871) judge

'John George' can also refer to...

John George Lambton

John George Augustus Prim (1821—1875) antiquary and newspaper proprietor

George John Romanes (1848—1894) evolutionary biologist

John George Robinson (1856—1943) mechanical engineer

John George Robertson (1867—1933) German scholar

Sir John George Smyth (1893—1983) army officer and politician

George John Spencer (1758—1834) politician and book collector

George John Singer (1786—1817) electrical researcher

John George Sears (1870—1916) shoe manufacturer and retailer

Sir John St George (1812—1891) army officer

George John Stevenson (1818—1888) hymnologist and historian

John George Weightman (1915—2004) French scholar and critic

George John Warren (1803—1866) literary editor

Sir John George Woodroffe (1865—1936) judge and tantric scholar

John George Wood (1827—1889) natural historian and microscopist

Sir John George Woodford (1785—1879) army officer

John Brinley George Thomas (1917—1997) journalist

Sir George John Talbot (1861—1938) judge

John George Phillimore (1808—1865) jurist

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