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An abbreviation of geographic visualization, using cartography, cognitive sciences, computer science, data visualization, GIS, graphical statistics, human–computer interaction design, and information visualization. Geovisualization differs from cartography in that it affords direct interaction with the content and presentation of what is seen. See Anselin et al. (2006) Geog. Analys. 35, 1.

Edsall (2003) Prof. Geogr. 55, 2 outlines the advantages of geovisualization systems in exploring complex spatiotemporal information; Kwan (2004) Geografiska B 86, 4 discusses geovisualization in time-geographic research; and Gilbert and Masucci (2006) Trans. GIS 10, 5 find that the geovisualization of information in ways relevant to people's experiences may be more important to them than ‘geographic accuracy’.

Subjects: Earth Sciences and Geography.

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