germinal cells

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germinal cells

germinal cells

An analysis of B cell selection mechanisms in germinal centers

Human germinal center T cells are unique Th cells with high propensity for apoptosis induction

Induction of chromosomal aberrations by dacarbazine in somatic and germinal cells of mice

Embryo development after successful somatic cell nuclear transfer to in vitro matured human germinal vesicle oocytes *

Canonical germinal center B cells may not dominate the memory response to antigenic challenge

Germinal center checkpoints in B cell tolerance in 3H9 transgenic mice

MicroRNA 125b inhibition of B cell differentiation in germinal centers

Clonality and germinal centre B-cell derivation of Hodgkin/Reed-Sternberg cells in Hodgkin's disease

Primary cardiac diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, non-germinal centre B-cell type in an immunocompetent woman

Human germinal center B cells differ from naive and memory B cells by their aggregated MHC class II‐rich compartments lacking HLA‐DO

Centrocytes rapidly adopt a memory B cell phenotype on co-culture with autologous germinal centre T cell-enriched preparations

Molecular cytogenetic evaluation of the aneugenic effects of teniposide in somatic and germinal cells of male mice

Birth-and-Death Long-Term Evolution Promotes Histone H2B Variant Diversification in the Male Germinal Cell Line

In-vitro maturation of human germinal vesicle stage oocytes: role of cumulus cells and epidermal growth factor in the culture medium.

Co-ligation of CD44 on naive human tonsillar B cells induces progression towards a germinal center phenotype

JunD/AP-1 and STAT3 are the major enhancer molecules for high Bcl6 expression in germinal center B cells

Role of the CD5 molecule on TCR γδ T cell‐mediated immune functions: development of germinal centers and chronic intestinal inflammation


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Cells that produce gametes by meiosis: e.g., oocytes in females and spermatocytes in males.

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