Muhammad al- Ghazali

(d. 1996)

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(d. 1996)

Egyptian religious scholar and former leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Served as director of the Mosques Department, director general of Islamic Call, and undersecretary of the Ministry of Awqaf in Egypt. Taught at al-Azhar University (Egypt), at King Abd al-Aziz and Umm al-Qura Universities (Saudi Arabia), and in Qatar, and was academic director of Amir Abd al-Qadir Islamic University (Algeria). Favored the formation of an Islamic party in Egypt. Author of more than forty books on Islam's public role in politics and economics. Promoted the reduction of reliance on hadith in contemporary jurisprudence in favor of looking to both the Islamic past and contemporary societies, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, as a source of inspiration.

Subjects: Islam.

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