Gesar Saga

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An eleventh-century Tibetan (see Tibetan entries) epic of the King of Ling, the story became the national epic of Ladakh as the Gesar Saga. At his birth Gesar announces his identity as the Lion King. He will inevitably confront the evil Trotun who has long ravished the kingdom. To avoid a prophecy of his defeat at the hand of a magical king, Trotun convinces the nobles of the land to exile Gesar, and the hero spends time wandering with his mother in the mountain wilderness. During this period, the beautiful Brougmo (Cho-cho-dogur-ma in Ladakh) is growing up in Ling. Eventually she finds the exiled hero, and together, on magical horses, they overcome evil and bring unity and prosperity to the kingdom of Ling.

Subjects: Religion.

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