'Gibson' can also refer to...

Alexander Boyce Gibson (1900—1972)

Alexander Craig Gibson (1813—1874) folklorist

Alexander Gibson (1800—1867) botanist

Alexander Gibson (1926—1995) conductor

Alexander Gibson (c. 1586—1656) judge

Alexander Gibson (c. 1571—1644) judge

Allan Gibson Steel (1858—1914) cricketer and lawyer

Althea Gibson (1927—2003) American tennis player

Banu Gibson (b. 1947)

Bob Gibson (b. 1935)

Bob Gibson (b. 1931)

Charles Dana Gibson (1867—1944)

Clark C. Gibson

Clifford Gibson (1901—1963)

David Cooke Gibson (1827—1856) portrait painter

Debbie Gibson (b. 1970)

Don Gibson (1928—2003)

Edmund Gibson (1669—1748) bishop of London

Edward George Gibson (b. 1936)

Edward Gibson (1669—1701) portrait draughtsman

Edward Gibson (1837—1913) lawyer and politician

Francis Gibson (1752—1805) mariner and collector of customs

George Gibson (1885—1953) trade unionist and mental health worker

George Stacey Gibson (1818—1883) botanist and philanthropist

G.H. Gibson (1846—1921)

Gibson bandage

Gibson Girl

Gibson Girl

Gibson Kente (1932—2004)


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Personal surname.

Gibson Desert a desert region in Western Australia, to the south-east of the Great Sandy Desert. The first European to cross it (1876) was Ernest Giles, who named it after his companion Alfred Gibson, who went missing on an earlier expedition.

Gibson girl a girl typifying the fashionable ideal of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as represented in the work of Charles D. Gibson (1867–1944), American artist and illustrator.

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