Gilbert, Sir Martin

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(1936– ) British biographer and historian

The Appeasers [with Richard Gott] (1963) Non-FictionBritain and Germany Between the Wars (1964) Non-FictionThe European Powers, 1900–1945 (1965) Non-FictionThe Roots of Appeasement (1966) Non-FictionSir Winston Churchill (1966–1988) Non-FictionSir Horace Rumbold: Portrait of a Diplomat (1973) Non-FictionExile and Return: The Emergence of Jewish Statehood (1978) Non-FictionFinal Journey (1979) Non-FictionAuschwitz and the Allies (1981) Non-FictionChurchill's Political Philosophy (1981) Non-FictionThe Jews of Hope (1984) Non-FictionJerusalem: Rebirth of a City (1985) Non-FictionThe Holocaust (1986) Non-FictionShcharansky: Hero of Our Time (1986) Non-FictionThe Second World War (1989) Non-FictionThe First World War (1993) Non-FictionIn Search of Churchill (1994) Non-FictionThe Day the War Ended (1995) Non-FictionJerusalem in the Twentieth Century (1996) Non-FictionThe Boys (1996) Non-FictionHistory of the Twentieth Century (1997–1999) Non-FictionHolocaust Journey (1997) Non-FictionIsrael, A History (1998) Non-FictionNever Again (2000) Non-FictionFrom the Ends of the Earth (2001) Non-FictionLetters to Auntie Fori (2002) Non-FictionThe Righteous (2002) Non-FictionD-Day (2004) Non-FictionChurchill and America (2005) Non-FictionKristallnacht (2006) Non-FictionThe Somme (2006) Non-FictionChurchill and the Jews (2007) Non-FictionThe Story of Israel (2008) Non-FictionIn Ishmael's House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands (2010) Non-Fiction

The Appeasers [with Richard Gott] (1963) Non-Fiction

Britain and Germany Between the Wars (1964) Non-Fiction

The European Powers, 1900–1945 (1965) Non-Fiction

The Roots of Appeasement (1966) Non-Fiction

Sir Winston Churchill (1966–1988) Non-Fiction

Sir Horace Rumbold: Portrait of a Diplomat (1973) Non-Fiction

Exile and Return: The Emergence of Jewish Statehood (1978) Non-Fiction

Final Journey (1979) Non-Fiction

Auschwitz and the Allies (1981) Non-Fiction

Churchill's Political Philosophy (1981) Non-Fiction

The Jews of Hope (1984) Non-Fiction

Jerusalem: Rebirth of a City (1985) Non-Fiction

The Holocaust (1986) Non-Fiction

Shcharansky: Hero of Our Time (1986) Non-Fiction

The Second World War (1989) Non-Fiction

The First World War (1993) Non-Fiction

In Search of Churchill (1994) Non-Fiction

The Day the War Ended (1995) Non-Fiction

Jerusalem in the Twentieth Century (1996) Non-Fiction

The Boys (1996) Non-Fiction

History of the Twentieth Century (1997–1999) Non-Fiction

Holocaust Journey (1997) Non-Fiction

Israel, A History (1998) Non-Fiction

Never Again (2000) Non-Fiction

From the Ends of the Earth (2001) Non-Fiction

Letters to Auntie Fori (2002) Non-Fiction

The Righteous (2002) Non-Fiction

D-Day (2004) Non-Fiction

Churchill and America (2005) Non-Fiction

Kristallnacht (2006) Non-Fiction

The Somme (2006) Non-Fiction

Churchill and the Jews (2007) Non-Fiction

The Story of Israel (2008) Non-Fiction

In Ishmael's House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands (2010) Non-Fiction

Subjects: Literature.

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