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The surgical removal of excess gingival tissue. It can be an effective procedure in removing excess gingival tissue, such as that occurring with drug-induced overgrowth. An incision may be made with the tip of the blade of the knife directed at the base of the false pocket and the neck of the blade apical to it, so as to make an external bevel incision (external bevel gingivaectomy); this procedure heals by secondary intention and does not provide access to the underlying bone. An external bevel gingivectomy is contraindicated where it would result in total excision of the attached gingiva or where infrabony pockets are present. An alternative technique, to preserve more of the gingival tissue, requires the tip of the knife to be at the base of the pocket apical to the neck of the knife ( internal bevel gingivectomy); this procedure results in a flap which, when raised, gives access to the underlying bone. The healing is by primary intention when the flap margins are sutured. See also gingivoplasty; flap.

Subjects: Dentistry.

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