'glove' can also refer to...

Beverley Glover

Boyer Glover (fl. c. 1748—1768) member of the Muggletonians

Brian Glover (1934—1997) actor

Charles Glover Barkla (1877—1944) physicist

Charles William Glover (1806—1863) composer

Dana Glover

Danny Glover (b. 1946)

Denis Glover (1912—1980)

Douglas Glover (b. 1948)

Edmund Glover (1813—1860) actor and theatre manager

Edward George Glover (1888—1972) psychoanalyst

George Glover (fl. c. 1624—1662) engraver



glove anaesthesia

glove box

Glover, Dave, Band

gloves, liturgical

Henry Glover (1921—1991)

Jane Glover (b. 1949)

Jean Glover (1758—1801) actress

John Glover (1767—1849) landscape painter

John Glover (1714—1774) preacher and writer

John Glover (1732—1797)

John Glover (1817—1902) chemical manufacturer

Jonathan Glover

Jonathan Glover (b. 1941)

Joseph Glover Baldwin (1815—1864)

Julia Glover (1781—1850) actress


Quick Reference

Traditionally as a token of a pledge, or a challenge to battle, as in throw down the glove, take up the glove (a glove here is a gauntlet).

A glove as a type of something that fits or suits perfectly is recorded from the late 18th century.

The expressions handle without gloves and take the gloves off, recorded from the early 19th century and meaning, treat without mercy or forbearance, refer to boxing-gloves, and the notion of bare-knuckle fighting as being particularly vicious.

See also a cat in gloves catches no mice, hand in glove, iron hand in a velvet glove.

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