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Meet the multifunctional and sexy glycoforms of glycodelin

Secreted human conjunctival mucus contains MUC5AC glycoforms

In vitro biological characterization of IFN-β-1a major glycoforms

Distinct glycoform ratios of protease resistant prion protein associated with PRNP point mutations

A tandem mass spectrometric approach to determination of chondroitin/dermatan sulfate oligosaccharide glycoforms

Distinct localization of MUC5B glycoforms in the human salivary glands

The sperm agglutination antigen-1 (SAGA-1) glycoforms of CD52 are O-glycosylated

Human endometrial MUC1 carries keratan sulfate: characteristic glycoforms in the luminal epithelium at receptivity

Mucin 21 in esophageal squamous epithelia and carcinomas: analysis with glycoform-specific monoclonal antibodies

In situ visualization of a glycoform of transferrin: localization of α2,6-sialylated transferrin in the liver

Carrier protein-modulated presentation and recognition of an N-glycan: observations on the interactions of Man8 glycoform of ribonuclease B with conglutinin

The glycoforms of a Trypanosoma brucei variant surface glycoprotein and molecular modeling of a glycosylated surface coat

Glycoforms obtained by expression in Pichia pastoris improve cancer targeting potential of a recombinant antibody-enzyme fusion protein

Specificity of IgG and IgE antibodies against plant and insect glycoprotein glycans determined with artificial glycoforms of human transferrin

Selective clearance of glycoforms of a complex glycoprotein pharmaceutical caused by terminal N-acetylglucosamine is similar in humans and cynomolgus monkeys

Sulfation and sialylation requirements for a glycoform of CD34, a major endothelial ligand for L-selectin in porcine peripheral lymph nodes

Human α-galactosidase A: characterization of the N-linked oligosaccharides on the intracellular and secreted glycoforms overexpressed by Chinese hamster ovary cells

Glycoform composition of serum gonadotrophins through the normal menstrual cycle and in the post-menopausal state.


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Any of several differently glycosylated variants of a specified glycoprotein. Glycoforms may vary in the type, number and/or position of the sugar residues, differ in their physiological properties (e.g., rate of action), and occur together in a given tissue.


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