Étienne-Hippolyte Godde


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French architect. As Chief Architect of the City of Paris (1813–48) he carried out many restorations and alterations, notably at the Hôtel de Ville (with Jean-Baptiste-Ciceron Lesueur (1794–1883) ) in 1840–5. He improved the layouts of the Cemeteries of Père-Lachaise (where he designed the mortuary-chapel) and Montparnasse (1840–5). Other works by him include the Chapel and Seminary, St-Sulpice (1820–8), and the basilican Churches of St-Pierre-du-Gros-Caillou (1822), Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle (1823–30), St-Denis-du-Saint-Sacrement (1823–35), and St-Pierre-de Chaillot (1823–35), all in Paris.

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Subjects: Architecture.

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