James Gordon

(1541—1620) Jesuit

'James Gordon' can also refer to...

James Alexander Gordon (1793—1872) physician

James Bentley Gordon (1750—1819) historian

James Edward Gordon (1789—1864) politician and protestant propagandist

James Edward Henry Gordon (1852—1893) electrical engineer

James Frederick Skinner Gordon (1821—1904) antiquary and Scottish Episcopal church minister

James Gordon (c. 1762—1825) Cambridge eccentric

James Gordon (1617—1686) historian and map maker

James Gordon (c. 1579—1649) royalist nobleman

James Gordon (1665—1746) vicar apostolic of the lowland district

James Gordon (1553—1641) Jesuit

James Gordon (c. 1708—1780)

James Gordon Bennett (1795—1872) newspaper editor and publisher

Sir James Alexander Gordon (1782—1869) naval officer

Sir James John Gordon Bremer (1786—1850) naval officer

Sir James Willoughby Gordon (1772—1851) army officer

Sir John James Hood Gordon (1832—1908) army officer

Vivian Gordon James Jenkins (1911—2004) rugby player and journalist

William James Gordon (1864—1922) West Indian soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross


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