John Greaves

(1602—1652) astronomer and orientalist

'John Greaves' can also refer to...

GREAVES, John (Bewley) (1890 - 1977)

Greaves, John (1602-1652), astronomer and orientalist

16 John Greaves to Wallis London, 17/[27] July 1650

17 John Greaves to Wallis 17/[27] July 1650, Enclosure: Mr Greaves's Animadversions on the Vice-Chancellor's Paper

23 Wallis to John French August 1650, Document: the Case of Mr Greaves

Glen DM, Greaves MP, Anderson HM. 1995. Ecology and integrated farming systems. 329 pp. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons. £49.95 (hardback).

15 Peter Turner to John French 23 May/[2 June] 1650, Enclosure: Dr Turner's Exceptions to Mr Greaves's Account

Richard L. Greaves. Glimpses of Glory: John Bunyan and English Dissent. Stanford: Stanford University Press. 2002. Pp. xix, 693. $75.00

GREAVES, John Western (1939 - 2010), Vice President, Canning House, since 2005 (Chairman, 2001–05); Chairman, Lattitude Global Volunteering (formerly GAP Activity Projects), since 2007

GREAVES, Malcolm Watson (born 1933), Consultant Dermatologist, St John’s Institute of Dermatology, St Thomas’ Hospital, since 2007; Consultant in Dermatology and Allergy, London Allergy Clinic, since 2007

GREAVES, John Brownson (1900 - 1965), Director, Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Ltd, Ipswich; formerly Managing Director, Davey, Paxman & Co. Ltd, Colchester; Hon. Adviser, Greaves Cotton & Co. Ltd, Bombay (Chairman, 1921–47); Member, Ipswich District Committee Eastern Regional Board for Industry, since 1957; Member, Essex Count Council, since 1958

GREAVES, John Ernest (1847 - 1945), High Sheriff, 1884; High Sheriff of Carnarvonshire, 1885; Lord-Lt Carnarvon 1886–1933; late Hon. Col 6th Batt. Royal Welsh Fusiliers; President, Carnarvonshire Territorial Association; Chairman, Quarter Sessions, 1890–1929

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