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The Greek alphabet

Letters Name Letters NameAA

Α α alpha Ν ν nu

Β β beta Ξ ξ xi

Γ γ gamma Ξ ο omicron

Δ δ delta Π π pi

Ε ϵ epsilon Ρ ρ rho

Ζ ζ zeta Σ σ sigma

Η η eta Τ τ tau

ϴ θ theta Υ υ upsilon

Ι ι iota Φ ϕ phi

Κ κ kappa Χ χ chi

Λ λ lambda Ψ ψ psi

Μ μ mu Ω ω omega

From A Dictionary of Chemistry in Oxford Reference.

Subjects: Chemistry.

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