John Harris

(1802—1856) Congregational minister and college head

'John Harris' can also refer to...

John Harris (fl. c. 1690—1750) engraver and draughtsman

John Harris (1756—1846) publisher and bookseller

John Harris (1820—1884) poet and miner

John Harris (c. 1666—1719) writer and lecturer on science

John Harris (1791—1873) artist and facsimilist

John Harris (1588—1658) college head

John Harris (1767—1832) watercolour painter and illustrator

John Henry Harris (1930—2001) political adviser and politician

John [Johnathan] Harris

John Mortimer Green Harris (1864—1939) department store manager

John Ryland Harris (1802—1823) author

Joseph John Harris (1799—1869) organist and composer

Sir John Henry Harris Davis (1906—1993) businessman

Sir John Hobbis Harris (1874—1940) campaigner against slavery


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