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St Eustace

St Hubert (c. 657—727)


'hart' can also refer to...

A. Hart

Aaron Hart (1670—1756) rabbi

Abraham van der Hart (1747—1820)

Admiral Thomas C. Hart (1877—1971)

Albert Gailord Hart (1909—1988)

Alvin Youngblood Hart (b. 1963)

Andro Hart (c. 1561—1621) bookseller and printer

Antonio Hart (b. 1968)

Basil H. Liddell Hart (1895—1970) military thinker and historian

Beth Hart

Billy Hart (b. 1940)

Boyce And Hart

Charles Hart (c. 1628—1683) actor

Charles Hart (1797—1859) organist and composer

Charles Harting Percy (1919)

Clyde Hart

Corey Hart (b. 1962)

D. G. Hart

David M. Hart

Dennis Hart Mahan (1802—1871)

Dianna Hart

Dj Iglu & Hartly Dark

Edith Tudor Hart (1908—1973) photographer

Edmund Hart Turpin (1835—1907) organist

Eliakim ben Abraham Hart (c. 1747—1814) writer in Hebrew on religion and science

Elizabeth Anna Hart (1822—1888)

Ernest Abraham Hart (1835—1898) medical journalist

Evelyn Hart (b. 1956)

Ezekiel Hart (1770—1843) landowner and politician

Frances Noyes Hart (1890—1943)


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In Christian iconography, the hart can symbolize a soul longing for the water of baptism, in allusion to Psalm 42. A hart can also stand as an image of Christ as the adversary of Satan, since the Bestiaries attribute to deer the power of finding and killing snakes.

A hart (or stag), sometimes with a cross in its antlers, is the emblem of St Eustace and St Hubert.

hart royal traditionally a hart that had been hunted by a king or queen and had escaped.

See also white hart.

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