Charles Hart

(1797—1859) organist and composer

'Charles Hart' can also refer to...

Charles Hart (c. 1628—1683) actor

Charles Harting Percy (1919)

Percy, Charles Harting (27 Sept. 1919)

Percy, Charles Harting (27 Sept. 1919)

Percy, Charles Harting (27 Sept. 1919)

Hart, Charles (c.1628–83)

Hart, Charles (bap. 1625, d. 1683), actor

Hart, Charles (1797-1859), organist and composer

930. To Charles Stuart-Wortley. Harting.

929. To Charles Stuart-Wortley. Harting.

HART-DAVIS, Charles Henry (1874 - 1958)

Davis, Sir Rupert Charles Hart- (1907-1999), publisher and writer

876. To Charles Stuart-Wortley. 29 March. Harting.

BRIGHT, Charles (Hart) (1912 - 1983), Chancellor, Flinders University, since 1971

HARTER, Andrew Charles (born 1961), Founder and Chief Executive Officer, RealVNC Ltd, since 2002; Fellow, St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, since 2002

HART-DAVIS, Rupert (Charles) (1907 - 1999), author, editor and former publisher; Director of Rupert Hart-Davis, Ltd, Publishers, 1946–68; Vice-President, Committee of the London Library, since 1971 (Chairman 1957–69)

HART, George (Charles) (1901 - 1981), JP 1967; company director, Auckland, New Zealand; Chairman, British Hearing Aids (77) Ltd, Manufacturers of Universal Hearing Aids (chiefly electronic equipment)

HART, Charles Henry (1847 - 1918), lawyer, art expert and writer; Director of Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia; resigned 13 Jan. 1902, at the close of 20 years’ service

HART, Charles Joseph (1851 - 1925), Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, 1914–20, as Recruiting Officer, Officer Commanding Troops, Competent Military Authority for Arms and Ammunition, Birmingham, and President Northern Area Quartering Committee Southern Command

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