Hebieso and Abui, the Flash of Lightning, the Rumble of Thunder

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(Awuna/Burkina Faso)

Hebieso and Abui, gods of destiny, are represented by thunder and lightning. They control the destinies of man, and if rightly propitiated with sacrifices and offerings will confer upon him everything that he desires and protect him from everything that he fears.

The male god, Hebieso, all-devouring in his wrath, manifests himself in the forked flash and deafening roar of the imminent thundercloud, while the voice of the feminine Abui, of gentler attributes, is heard in the low rumble of distant thunder. Anyone killed by lightning is supposed to have incurred that extreme penalty for some offense against Hebieso, and the body is left unburied and dishonored.

Subjects: Religion.

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