'Helena' can also refer to...

Alice Helena Alexandra Williams (1863—1957) voluntary welfare worker

Ascencion and St Helena floral region

Die Ägyptische Helena

Helena (c. 255—330) mother of the Roman emperor Constantine I.


Helena Clara Deneke (1878—1973) German scholar

Helena Clare Pittman (b. 1945)

Helena Concannon (1878—1952) historian and politician

Helena Earl

Helena Florence Normanton (1882—1957) barrister and feminist campaigner

Helena Furberg

Helena Gorges (1548—1635) courtier

Helena Gutteridge (1879—1960)

Helena Maria Lucy Swanwick (1864—1939) suffragist

Helena María Viramontes (b. 1954)

Helena Mary Molony (1883—1967) actress and Irish nationalist

Helena Meirelles

Helena Michie

Helena Modjeska (1840—1909)

Helena Nyblom (1843—1926)

Helena Paterson

Helena Paulina Shearer (c. 1846—1885) socialist and suffragist

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831—1891) founder of theosophy

Helena Rosa Wright (1887—1982) family planning practitioner and sex therapist

Helena Svancar

Helena Syrkus (1900—1982)

Helena Waddy

Helena Wells (c. 1761—1824) novelist and educationist

Martina Sofia Helena Bergman Osterberg (1849—1915) feminist and promoter of women's physical education


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