(c. 1115—1152) prince

'Henry' can also refer to...

Aaron Henry (1922—1997)

Abraham Henry Hummel (1850—1926)

Admiral Sir Louis Henry Keppel Hamilton (1890—1957)

Air Commodore Arthur Henry Cobby (1894—1955)

Air Marshal Henry Neilson Wrigley (1892—1987)

Albert Edward Philip Henry Yorke (1867—1904) politician

Albert Henry George Grey (1851—1917) governor-general of Canada

Albert Henry Stanley (1874—1948) transport organizer and politician

Albert Henry Wratislaw (1821—1892) headmaster and Czech scholar

Alexander Frederick Henry Kleinwort (1815—1886) merchant and merchant banker

Alexander Henry Green (1832—1896) geologist and mathematician

Alexander Henry Haliday (c. 1728—1802) physician and politician

Alexander Henry Louis Hardinge (1894—1960) private secretary to Edward VIII and George VI.

Alexander Henry Rhind (1833—1863) antiquary

Alfred Henry Baynes (1838—1914) missionary society administrator

Alfred Henry Forrester (1804—1872) illustrator and writer

Alfred Henry Garrod (1846—1879) zoologist

Alfred Henry Gill (1856—1914) trade union leader and politician

Alfred Henry Huth (1850—1910) book collector

Alfred Henry Killick (fl. 1870)

Alfred Henry Lewis (c. 1858—1914)

Alfred Henry Lloyd (1864—1927)

Alfred Henry Love (1830—1913)

Alfred Henry Osman (1864—1930) promoter of pigeon racing

Alfred Henry Robinson Thornton (1863—1939) painter

Alfred Henry Sturtevant (1891—1970)

Alfred Henry Thesiger (1838—1880) judge

Alice Henry (1857—1943)

All-Time Greatest Hits, Vol 1 (Henry Mancini album)

(Andrew) Henry Althans (1784—1855) educationist


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