Robert Henry

(1718—1790) Church of Scotland minister and historian

'Robert Henry' can also refer to...

George Henry Roberts (1868—1928) trade unionist and politician

Henry Martyn Robert (1837—1923)

Henry Robert Addison (1805—1876) playwright and army officer

Henry Robert Brand (1841—1906) colonial governor

Henry Robert Gadsby (1842—1907) organist and composer

Henry Robert Hall (1898—1989) dance-bandleader and radio broadcaster

Henry Robert Kingscote (1802—1882) philanthropist

Henry Robert McAdoo (1916—1998) Church of Ireland archbishop of Dublin

Henry Robert Morland (c. 1717—1797) painter and engraver

Henry Robert Plomer (1856—1928) bibliographer

Henry Robert Reynolds (1825—1896) Congregational minister

Henry Roberts (1803—1876) architect and housing reformer

Henry Roberts (fl. c. 1575—1627) author

Robert Henry Aders Plimmer (1877—1955) biochemist

Robert Henry Benson (1850—1929) merchant banker and art collector

Robert Henry Brand (1878—1963) merchant banker and public servant

Robert Henry Charles (1855—1931) Church of England clergyman and biblical scholar

Robert Henry Cox

Robert Henry Dicke (1916—1997)

Robert Henry Lightfoot (1883—1953)

Robert Henry Newell (1836—1901)

Robert Henry Robins (1921—2001) linguistic scholar

Robert Henry Scott (1833—1916) meteorologist

Robert Henry Sharp Wyndham (1814—1894) actor and theatre manager

Robert Henry Soden Smith (1822—1890) museum curator

Robert Henry Thouless (1894—1984) psychologist

Robert Henry Wood (c. 1903—1979) broadcasting engineer

Robert Henry Wynyard (1802—1864) army officer and colonial official

Robert Mitchell Henry (1873—1950) classical scholar


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