Thomas Henry

(1734—1816) apothecary and chemist

'Thomas Henry' can also refer to...

Evan Henry Thomas (1801—1837)

Henry Joseph Thomas Drury (1778—1841) classical scholar

Henry Thomas

Henry Thomas Buckle (1821—1862) historian

Henry Thomas Colebrooke (1765—1837) administrator in India and scholar

Henry Thomas Edwards (1837—1884) dean of Bangor

Henry Thomas Ellacombe (1790—1885) campanologist and Church of England clergyman

Henry Thomas Hare (1861—1921)

Henry Thomas Hope (1808—1862) patron of the arts and politician

Henry Thomas Liddell (1797—1878) politician

Henry Thomas Lowry Corry (1803—1873) politician

Henry Thomas Parkinson (1852—1924) Roman Catholic priest and social scientist

Henry Thomas Pelham (1804—1886) ecclesiastical commissioner

Henry Thomas Petty Fitzmaurice (1816—1866) politician and railway company chairman

Henry Thomas Riley (1816—1878) literary scholar and translator

Henry Thomas Ryall (1811—1867) engraver

Herbert Henry Thomas (1876—1935) geologist

James Henry Thomas (1874—1949) trade unionist and politician

John Henry Thomas Manners Sutton (1814—1877) politician and colonial governor

Sir Edward Thomas Henry Hutton (1848—1923) army officer and military reformer

Sir Henry Thomas (1878—1952) Hispanic scholar and bibliographer

Sir Henry Thomas Godwin (1784—1853) army officer

Sir Thomas Henry (1807—1876) police magistrate

Sir Thomas Henry Browne (1787—1855) army officer

Sir Thomas Henry Grattan Esmonde (1862—1935) landowner and politician

Sir Thomas Henry Havelock (1877—1968) mathematician

Thomas Henry Baylis (1817—1908) lawyer and author

Thomas Henry Burke (1829—1882) civil servant

Thomas Henry Cooper (1813—1881) surgeon and botanist


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