(c. 1077—1131) bishop of Ely

'Hervey' can also refer to...

Augustus John Hervey (1724—1779) naval officer and politician

Frederic Hervey Foster Quin (1799—1878) homoeopathic physician

Frederick Augustus Hervey (1730—1803) Church of Ireland bishop of Derry

Frederick William John Augustus Hervey (1954—1999) wastrel

George William Hervey (1721—1775) diplomatist

Grant Hervey (1880—1933)

Henry Hervey Aston (1701—1748) poet and Church of England clergyman

Henry Hervey Baber (1775—1869) librarian

Hervey Alan (1910—1982)

Hervey Allen (1889—1949)

Hervey Brooks (c. 1779—1864)

Hervey de Montmorency (fl. c. 1125—1199) adventurer

Hervey Montmorency Morres (1767—1839) Irish nationalist

Hervey of Boreham (c. 1223—1272) administrator and justice

Hervey Redmond Morres (1742—1797) politician

Hervey Stanton (c. 1260—1327) justice and administrator

James Hervey (1714—1758) Church of England clergyman and writer

James Hervey (1751—1824) physician

James Hervey Hyslop (1854—1920)

John Hervey (1616—1680) politician and courtier

John Hervey (1665—1751) politician and landowner

J.R. Hervey (1889—1958)

Lord Arthur Charles Hervey (1808—1894) bishop of Bath and Wells

Lord Hervey (1696—1743) courtier and writer

Mary Hervey (1700—1768) courtier

Sir Edwin Alfred Hervey Alderson (1859—1927) army officer

Sir Reginald Hervey Hoare (1882—1954) diplomatist

Tamara K Hervey

Thomas Hervey (1699—1775) politician and pamphleteer


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