H19 gene

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H19 gene

Homocysteine harasses the imprinting expression of IGF2 and H19 by demethylation of differentially methylated region between IGF2/H19 genes

Mechanisms of Igf2/H19 Imprinting: DNA Methylation, Chromatin and Long-Distance Gene Regulation

Overexpression of an ectopic H19 gene enhances the tumorigenic properties of breast cancer cells

Multipoint Analysis of Human Chromosome 11p15/ Mouse Distal Chromosome 7: Inclusion of H19/IGF2 in the Minimal WT2 Region, Gene Specificity of H19 Silencing in Wilms' Tumorigenesis and Methylation Hyper-Dependence of H19 Imprinting

Response of Resistance Genes H9-H19 in Wheat to Hessian Fly (Dioptera: Cecidomyiidae) Laboratory Biotypes and Field Populations from the Eastern United States

Twelve C2H2 zinc-finger genes on human chromosome 19 can be each translated into the same type of protein after frameshifts

Establishment of the paternal methylation imprint of the human H19 and MEST/PEG1 genes during spermatogenesis

Deletion of a nuclease-sensitive region between the Igf2 and H19 genes leads to Igf2 misregulation and increased adiposity

An Extended Region of Biallelic Gene Expression and Rodent-Human Synteny Downstream of the Imprinted H19 Gene on Chromosome 11p15.5

The pha2 gene cluster involved in Na+ resistance and adaption to alkaline pH in Sinorhizobium fredii RT19 encodes a monovalent cation/proton antiporter

The dynamics of the imprinted H19 gene expression in the mouse model of bladder carcinoma induced by N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine.

Gene Genealogies, Variation and Evolution: A Primer in Coalescent Theory.—Jotun Hein, Mikkel H. Schierup, and Carsten Wiuf. 2004. Oxford University Press, Oxford. xiii + 276 pp. ISBN 0-19-852996-1, £29.95 (paperback); ISBN 0-19-852995-3, £65.00 (hardback).


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An imprinted, maternally expressed gene (adult skeletal muscle gene) that is tightly linked and coregulated with the imprinted, paternally expressed gene of insulin-like growth factor 2 (IGF2). Control of which allele is expressed is by the imprinting centre 1 (IC1). The product of H19 is an oncofetal RNA that is not translated and may be a tumour suppressor. Hypermethylation of H19 is associated with Beckwith–Wiedemann syndrome and hypomethylation of the H19 promoter with Silver–Russell syndrome.

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