(c. 1110—1169) bishop of Chichester

'Hilary' can also refer to...

(Arthur) Hilary Armstrong (1909—1997) classical scholar

Dame Hilary Mary Cropper (1941—2004) businesswoman

George Hilary Brown (1786—1856) vicar apostolic of the Lancashire district and Roman Catholic bishop of Liverpool

Hilary (fl. c. 1110) poet and Augustinian canon

Hilary Abner Herbert (1834—1919)

Hilary Adair Marquand (1901—1972) economist and politician

Hilary Arksey

Hilary Bailey (b. 1936)

Hilary Bauerman (1835—1909) mineralogist and geologist

Hilary DeRemigio

Hilary Duff (b. 1987)

Hilary Graham

Hilary Greaves

Hilary Hahn (b. 1979)

Hilary Knight (b. 1926)

Hilary Kornblith

Hilary Majewski (1837—1892)

Hilary Mantel (b. 1952)

Hilary Marlow

Hilary P. Blumberg

Hilary Poriss

Hilary Putnam (b. 1926)

Hilary Putnam

Hilary Spurling (b. 1940)

John Edwin Hilary Skinner (1839—1894) author and journalist

Sir Hilary Jenkinson (1882—1961) archivist

Sir Hilary Rudolph Robert Blood (1893—1967) colonial governor

St Hilary of Arles (c. 401—449)

St Hilary of Poitiers (c. 315—367) French bishop


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