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St Eustace

St Giles (d. c. 710)

St Hubert (c. 657—727)

St Etheldreda (d. 679)


'hind' can also refer to...

Arthur Mayger Hind (1880—1957) art historian

Cerynean Hind

Cerynitian hind

E. Cora Hind (1861—1942)

Francis Hindes Groome (1851—1902) scholar of Gypsy life and writer

Golden Hind Press

Henry Youle Hind (1823—1908) geologist and explorer in Canada


Hind and the Panther

Hind bint Abi Umayya (d. 679)

Hind Pocket Books


Hind's Crimson Star

Hind's Variable Nebula

James Hind (1606—1652) highwayman and royalist soldier

Jamiatul Ulama-i Hind

John Hind (1796—1866) mathematician

John Hinds (1862—1928) politician and businessman

John Russell Hind (1823—1895) astronomer

Justin Hinds (1942—2005)

Palliser, John, and Henry Youle Hind

Richard Dacre Archer-Hind (1849—1910) classical scholar

Robert Hindes Groome (1810—1889) Church of England clergyman

Samuel Hinds (1793—1872) bishop of Norwich

Stephen Hinds


Walter Hindes Godfrey (1881—1961) architect and antiquary


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A hind is the emblem of St Eustace, St Giles, and St Hubert; St Etheldreda, who is said to have been brought milk by two does, may also be shown with them.

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