H locus

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H locus

H locus

The H1c haplotype at the MAPT locus is associated with Alzheimer's disease

Induced DNA demethylation can reshape chromatin topology at the IGF2-H19 locus

An Element in the Endogenous IgH Locus Stimulates Gene Targeting in Hybridoma Cells

The SNORD115 (H/MBII-52) and SNORD116 (H/MBII-85) gene clusters at the imprinted Prader–Willi locus generate canonical box C/D snoRNAs

Operon structure and gene expression of the espJ–tccP locus of enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157:H7

Brief communication. An STS linked toa hessian fly locus controlling virulence to resistance gene H13 in wheat

Biosynthesis and transcriptional analysis of thurincin H, a tandem repeated bacteriocin genetic locus, produced by Bacillus thuringiensis SF361

Identification of a new locus in Listeria monocytogenes involved in cellobiose-dependent repression of hly expression

T-DNA insertion mutants reveal complex expression patterns of the aldehyde dehydrogenase 3H1 locus in Arabidopsis thaliana

The YELLOW VARIEGATED (VAR2) Locus Encodes a Homologue of FtsH, an ATP-Dependent Protease in Arabidopsis

Disruption of genomic neighbourhood at the imprinted IGF2-H19 locus in Beckwith–Wiedemann syndrome and Silver–Russell syndrome

Deletion of the IgH intronic enhancer and associated matrix-attachment regions decreases, but does not abolish, class switching at the mu locus.

Heritable rather than age-related environmental and stochastic factors dominate variation in DNA methylation of the human IGF2/H19 locus

Three-dimensional conformation at the H19/Igf2 locus supports a model of enhancer tracking

Different mechanisms cause imprinting defects at the IGF2/H19 locus in Beckwith–Wiedemann syndrome and Wilms' tumour

CTCF binding sites promote transcription initiation and prevent DNA methylation on the maternal allele at the imprinted H19/Igf2 locus

The mouse H19 locus mediates a transition between imprinted and non-imprinted DNA replication patterns


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In humans, a genetic locus that encodes a fucosyl transferase enzyme that is required during an early step in the biosynthesis of the antigens of the ABO blood group system. See A, B antigens, Bombay blood group.

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