Edward Hodges

(1796—1867) organist and composer

'Edward Hodges' can also refer to...

Hodges, Edward

Edward Hodges Baily (1788—1867) sculptor and designer and modeller of silver

Edward Richmond Hodges (c. 1825—1881) orientalist

Baily, Edward Hodges (10 Mar. 1788)

BAILY, Edward Hodges (1788 - 1867), Sculptor

Hodges, Edward (20 July 1796)

Baily, Edward Hodges (10 Mar. 1788)

Baily, Edward Hodges (10 Mar. 1788)

Hodges, Edward (1796-1867), organist and composer

Baily, Edward Hodges (1788 - 1867), sculptor, designer

Hodges, Edward (1796 - 1867), church musician, composer, essayist

HERMON-HODGE, Robert Edward Udny (1882 - 1937)

Hodges, Edward Richmond [Edward Richard] (1825?-1881), orientalist

HODGE, Edward Grose (died 1928), Canon of Birmingham, 1919

Baily, Edward Hodges (1788-1867), sculptor and designer and modeller of silver

HODGES, Henry Edward Agincourt (1844 - 1919), Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court, Victoria, since 1889; Chancellor of Diocese of Melbourne since 1889

HODGE, Edward Humfrey Vere (1883 - 1968), Indian Medical Service (retired); Physician Consultant in Tropical Diseases to Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, 1939–50; Senior Physician, Unit for Tropical Diseases, Edinburgh, 1945–50

HODGES, Edward Noel (1849 - 1928), Rector of St Cuthbert’s, Bedford, 1907–16; Archdeacon of Bedford, 1910–14; Assistant Bishop of St Albans, 1914–24

“Pretends to Be Free”: Runaway Slave Advertisements from Colonial and Revolutionary New York and New Jersey. Ed. by Graham Russell Hodges and Alan Edward Brown. (New York: Garland, 1994. xlvi, 369 pp. $57.00, ISBN 0-8153-1531-7.)

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