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(1) The term is used in the Quran (6:149) in the form of “God's decisive proof” (al-hujjat al-baligha). It has been interpreted by the commentators as the most decisive and final proof against the claims of nonbelievers concerning God's revelation, referring both to certain parts and the whole of the Quran. The best-known book bearing the title Hujjat Allah al-baligha was written by Shah Wali Allah of Delhi (d. 1762) the famous Muslim scholar and philosopher of the Indian subcontinent. (2) Title for an authoritative interpreter of revelation among Twelver Shiis, Ismailis, and Sufi orders. Refers to the Prophet Muhammad and the Twelver imams, leading figures of the Ismaili religious hierarchy, and the heads of Sufi orders, respectively.

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