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German family of masons, builders and architects. Jakob Holl (b Augsburg, 1413; d Augsburg, 1487) was a master mason, as was his son Sebastian Holl (b Augsburg, 1482; d Augsburg, 1545). Sebastian's son (1) Johannes Holl I worked as a master mason and master builder, and his own four sons, Johannes Holl II (b Augsburg, 1542; d before 1594), Jonas Holl (b Augsburg, 1546; d Augsburg, 1624), (2) Elias Holl I and Esaias Holl (b Augsburg, 1580), also became masons in their turn. Of the four, (2) Elias Holl I attained the greatest eminence. His talent, industry and skill were employed at a time when a considerable number of important new public buildings were being constructed in Augsburg, the capital city of Swabia. Elias Holl II (b Augsburg, 1611), son of (2) Elias Holl I, left his mason's apprenticeship to become a painter, while four of his brothers became goldsmiths: Christoph Holl (b Augsburg, 1619; d Augsburg, 1651), Johannes Holl III (b Augsburg, 1597; d c. 1615), Christian Holl (b Augsburg, 1627) and Jeronimus Holl (b Augsburg, 1614). Of the other sons of (2) Elias Holl I, Johannes Holl IV (b Augsburg, 1616) became a cabinetmaker, and Mattäus Holl (b 1620), who was released from his apprenticeship as a clockmaker in 1638, later worked as a master builder in Scandinavia. The most valuable source for the life and work of the Holl family of master builders up to the time of (2) Elias Holl I is a manuscript family chronicle, Die Hauschronik der Familie Holl (Augsburg, Staats- & Stadtbib., MA. 4° Cod. Aug. 82, old 899), apparently begun by (1) Johannes Holl I and continued by (2) Elias Holl I and his descendants.


From The Grove Encyclopedia of Northern Renaissance Art in Oxford Reference.

Subjects: Renaissance Art.

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