Holliday junction

'Holliday junction' can also refer to...

Holliday junction

Holliday junction

Improved methods for creating migratable Holliday junction substrates

Definitions and analysis of DNA Holliday junction geometry

Characterization and Comparison of Synthetic Immobile and Mobile Holliday Junctions

Substrate recognition and catalysis by the Holliday junction resolving enzyme Hje

Spermidine biases the resolution of Holliday junctions by phage λ integrase

Biochemical characterization of the Hjc Holliday junction resolvase of Pyrococcus furiosus

Identification of RecQL1 as a Holliday junction processing enzyme in human cell lines

Direct analysis of Holliday junction resolving enzyme in a DNA origami nanostructure

Mechanical properties of DNA origami nanoassemblies are determined by Holliday junction mechanophores

GEN1 promotes Holliday junction resolution by a coordinated nick and counter-nick mechanism

The role of Holliday junction resolvases in the repair of spontaneous and induced DNA damage

Bacillus subtilis RecU Holliday-junction resolvase modulates RecA activities

Conformational model of the Holliday junction transition deduced from molecular dynamics simulations

A method for preparing genomic DNA that restrains branch migration of Holliday junctions

Crystal structure of RuvC resolvase in complex with Holliday junction substrate

The yeast Holliday junction resolvase, CCE1, can restore wild-type mitochondrial DNA to human cells carrying rearranged mitochondrial DNA

Human MUS81-EME2 can cleave a variety of DNA structures including intact Holliday junction and nicked duplex


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one of the junctions between four strands of DNA that are important intermediates in genetic recombination. They are part of the mechanism for crossing over during the long prophase ...

Subjects: Genetics and Genomics.

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