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1 In old-fashioned gaff-rigged sailing craft the luff of the mainsail was secured to the mast by wooden hoops which slid up and down the mast as the sail was hoisted and lowered.

2 Although square in form, the metal bands which held the stock of the old-fashioned anchors to the shank were called hoops.

3 The name given to an old form of naval punishment for two men accused of fighting each other below decks. They were stripped to the waist, their left hands bound to a wooden hoop, and with a knotted cord in their right hand had to lash each other until one of them gave in. The loser knew that he would usually also receive a few lashes with the cat-o'-nine-tails, a means of ensuring that neither man was anxious to capitulate first.

Subjects: Maritime History.

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