William How

(1620—1656) physician and botanist

'William How' can also refer to...

William Walsham How (1823—1897) bishop of Wakefield

How, William (1620-1656), physician and botanist

How, William Walsham (1823-1897), bishop of Wakefield

Howes, William (died 1676), singer, violinist, cornett player, composer

How cold atoms got hot: an interview with William Phillips

HOW, William Walsham (1823 - 1897), Bishop of Wakefield from 1888

William Byers. How mathematicians think: Using ambiguity, contradiction, and paradox to create mathematics

CRUMP, William Henry Howes (1903 - 1995), Bishop of Saskatchewan, 1960–71

John E. Gibson, William T. Scherer and William F. Gibson How to do Systems Analysis. Wiley (2007). ISBN-13: 978-0-470-00765-5. £47.50. 360 pp. Hardcover.

The Primacy of Foreign Policy in British History, 1660–2000: How Strategic Concerns Shaped Modern Britain, ed. William Mulligan and Brendan Simms

Welfare in America: How Social Science Fails the Poor. By William M. Epstein. University of Wisconsin Press, 1997. 267 pp

Bearing Right: How Conservatives Won the Abortion War. By William Saletan. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003. 327 pp. $29.95, ISBN 0-520-08688-0.)

Degrees of Disaster: Prince William Sound: How Nature Reels and Rebounds. By Jeff Wheelwright. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1996. 352 pp. Illustrations, index. Paper, $16.00

White People Do Not Know How to Behave at Entertainments Designed for Ladies & Gentlemen of Colour: William Brown's African & American Theater. By Marvin McAllister

Plows, Plagues, and Petroleum: How Humans Took Control of Climate. By William F. Ruddiman. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2005. xiv + 202 pp. Illustrations, tables, maps, bibliography, index. Cloth $24.95

How the Bible Became a Book: The Textualization of Ancient Israel. By William M. Schniedewind. Pp. xiv + 257. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004. isbn 0 521 82946 1. £25/$28

William W. Freehling. The South vs. the South: How Anti-Confederate Southerners Shaped the Course of the Civil War. New York: Oxford University Press. 2001. Pp. xv, 238. $25.00

William C. Davis. Lincoln's Men: How President Lincoln Became Father to an Army and a Nation. New York: Free Press. 1999. Pp. xii, 315. $25.00

In the Cause of Liberty: How the Civil War Redefined American Ideals. Ed. by William J. Cooper Jr. and John M. McCardell Jr. (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2009. x, 195 pp. $27.95, ISBN 978-0-80713444-3.)

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