'Hungerford' can also refer to...

Agnes Hungerford (c. 1508—1523) murderer

Anthony Hungerford (1608—1657) politician

Arthur Joseph Hungerford Pollen (1866—1937) expert on gunnery and businessman

Edward Delaval Hungerford Elers Napier (1808—1870) army officer and author

Hungerford Hocktide

John Hungerford (1658—1729) politician

John Hungerford Pollen (1820—1902) decorative artist and Roman Catholic convert

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford (c. 1854—1897) novelist

Robert Hungerford (c. 1400—1459) landowner

Robert Hungerford (c. 1423—1464) nobleman and administrator

Sir Anthony Hungerford (c. 1567—1627) religious convert and author

Sir Edward Hungerford (1632—1711) politician, merchant, and spendthrift

Sir Edward Hungerford (1596—1648) parliamentarian army officer

Sir Thomas Hungerford (c. 1323—1397) landowner and speaker of the House of Commons

Sir Thomas Hungerford Holdich (1843—1929) surveyor and geographer

Sir Walter Hungerford (c. 1446—1516) landowner

T.A.G. Hungerford (b. 1915)

Walter Hungerford (c. 1378—1449) soldier, administrator, and speaker of the House of Commons

Walter Hungerford (1503—1540) alleged traitor


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A country town in Berkshire, England, where in August 1987 a survivalist named Michael Ryan killed fourteen people before committing suicide; the event is sometimes taken as the type of a massacre by a spree killer.

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