Ahmad ibn Muhammad Ibn Ata Allah

(d. 1309)

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(d. 1309)

Third shaykh of Shadhili Sufi order. Responsible for systematizing the order's doctrines and recording the biographies of its founder, Sidi Abu al-Hasan, and his successor, Sidi Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi. Author of the first systematic treatise on dhikr. His compilation of aphorisms (hikam; sing. hikmah) made the order very popular, and his work has been referred to as the last Sufi miracle performed on the banks of the Nile. Circulation of his written works led to spread of the Shadhili order in North Africa, where its founder had been rejected. The Wafai Sufi order was derived from his works.

See also Hikmah

Subjects: Islam.

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