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'Ida' can also refer to...

Dame Ida Mann (1893—1983) ophthalmologist

Hahn-Hahn, Ida, Gräfin von (1805—1880)


Ida (d. c. 559) king of Bernicia




Ida Aalberg (1857—1915)

Ida Alice Ashworth Taylor (1847—1929) biographer

Ida Applebroog (b. 1929)

Ida B. Wells-Barnett (1862—1931)

Ida Baccini (1850—1911)

Ida Boy-Ed (1852—1928)

Ida Caroline Ward (1880—1949) phonetician and scholar of west African languages

Ida Cook (1904—1986) author and campaigner for Jewish refugees

Ida Copeland (c. 1876—1964) politician

Ida Cox

Ida Eva Tacke Noddack (1896—1979)

Ida Freund (1863—1914) chemist

Ida Haendel (b. 1923)

Ida J. Llewellyn-Smith

Ida Kamińska (1899—1980)

Ida Kar (1908—1974) photographer

Ida Lee (1865—1943)

Ida Lupino (1914—1995)

Ida Maud Cannon (1877—1960)

Ida Minerva Tarbell (1857—1944)

Ida Ostenberg

Ida Östenberg


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Asteroid 243, discovered in 1884 by the Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa (1848–1925). It has a satellite, Dactyl. Ida, an S-class asteroid, measures 54 × 24 × 15 km and rotates in a period of 4.6 hours about its shortest axis. It is a member of the Koronis family. If its parent body was broken into several pieces, one of these fragments may have become its satellite. Its orbit has a semimajor axis of 2.863 AU, period 4.84 years, perihelion 2.74 AU, aphelion 2.98 AU, and inclination 1°.1.


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