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(Jap.). The ‘doctrine of single recitation (of the nembutsu)’, as opposed to the ‘doctrine of multiple recitations’ (tanengi). After Hōnen's death.a dispute broke out among his disciples regarding the way in which the practice of the nembutsu effected rebirth in the Pure Land. Those advocating ichinengi held that one calling of Amitābha's name was sufficient, because the Buddha would honour every request for salvation and rebirth out of his compassion (karuṇā). Those who held the tanengi position claimed that repeated chanting of Amitābha's name would purify the mind and make it more fit for rebirth. Thus, the issue related closely with the problem of ‘self-power’ (jiriki) versus ‘other-power’ (tariki), that is, whether the devotee had any part to play in the attainment of rebirth in the Pure Land, or whether the matter rested entirely with the power of the Buddha.

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