Idris, Rejecting His Wardrobe, Defecates

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(Arab, Berber/Morocco)

The sky, which is female, is a spark from hell, which escapes in the morning and returns there at night to lie down and sleep. When there is an eclipse, which is a warning from God, the sun has been swallowed by an ifrit—a jinni, huge and winged, who lives underground. When the ifrit vomits it up, it begins to shine again. The moon is also supposed to be a woman. She is said to be a virgin who has strayed from paradise. She is born at the beginning of every month, and dies at its end.

Idris, a mythic giant who was visiting Fez, asked the inhabitants to make him some clothes. But Idris was a giant, and the Fazi offered him garments that did not fit. Idris was so furious that he defecated before the gate of the city, and Mount Zalagh was the result.

Subjects: Religion.

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