I-kuan Tao

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A syncretic folk Buddhist organization in China whose name translates roughly as ‘the Way of Unity’. Formally founded in 1928 by Chang T'ien-jan (1889–1947), it is an offshoot of the older Lo-chiao tradition that believed in a deity called the Unborn Venerable Mother (Wu-sheng Lao-mu), and divided human history into three epochs, during each of which the Mother sent an emissary to call an errant humankind home (in the case of I-kuan Tao, these are three successive Buddhas.the last of whom, Maitreya.has yet to come and effect final salvation). Thus, while incorporating elements of Buddhism.Taoism.Confucianism.Christianity, and Islam, the religion has its own distinctive worldview under which these other religions are subsumed and understood.

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