ilk, of that

'ilk, of that' can also refer to...

Alan of that ilk Cathcart (c. 1430—1496) landowner and courtier

John of that ilk Spottiswoode (1667—1728) lawyer and jurist

Ludovick of that ilk Grant (c. 1650—1716) politician and army officer

Sir David of that ilk Guthrie (c. 1433—1474) administrator

Sir Iain Kay of that ilk Moncreiffe (1919—1985) herald and genealogist

Sir John of that ilk Carmichael (c. 1542—1600) administrator

Sir William of that ilk Anstruther (1641—1711) judge

Sir William of that ilk Cockburn (1769—1835) army officer

William of that ilk Crichton (c. 1419—1453) administrator and courtier

William of that ilk Ruthven (c. 1443—1528) landowner and administrator


Quick Reference

In Scottish usage, of the place or estate of the same name, as in Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk; the word is recorded from Old English (in the form ilca, in sense ‘same’), and is of Germanic origin, related to alike.

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