Inchtuthill, Perthshire, Scotland

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A Roman legionary fort established in the Tay Valley of eastern Scotland, extensively excavated by Shephard Frere between 1952 and 1965. Built by Agricola during his northern campaigns during the early 80s ad, the fort covers about 20 ha and was constructed mainly of earth and timber. The internal buildings include 64 barrack blocks, a commandant's house, officers' quarters, and a hospital. About ad 87 the fort was systematically dismantled as part of a calculated withdrawal from the region. Many of the contents of the fort were broken and buried in pits. One pit contained more than a million used nails.


L. Pitts and S. Frere, 1985, Inchtuthill: the Roman legionary fortress excavations 1952–65. London: Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies

Subjects: Archaeology.

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