inclusion cell

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inclusion cell

inclusion‐cell disease

Vascular Tissues and Cell Inclusions

Cytotoxic T cells go awry in inclusion body myositis

Systematic Significance of Cell Inclusions in Haemodoraceae and Allied Families: Silica Bodies and Tapetal Raphides

Chlamydia trachomatis Variant with Nonfusing Inclusions: Growth Dynamic and Host-Cell Transcriptional Response

Shared blood and muscle CD8+ T-cell expansions in inclusion body myositis

Live cell imaging and biophotonic methods reveal two types of mutant huntingtin inclusions

Aberrant cell cycle reentry in human and experimental inclusion body myositis and polymyositis

An antibody VH gene that promotes marginal zone B cell development and heavy chain allelic inclusion

Disassembly of Nuclear Inclusions in the Dividing Cell—A Novel Insight into Neurodegeneration

Association of inclusion body myositis with T cell large granular lymphocytic leukaemia

Urothelial Cell Intracytoplasmic Inclusions After Treatment of Promyelocytic Leukemia With Arsenic Trioxide

Complex mitochondrial DNA rearrangements in individual cells from patients with sporadic inclusion body myositis

High Level Expression of Expanded Full-length Ataxin-3 In Vitro Causes Cell Death and Formation of Intranuclear Inclusions in Neuronal Cells

Disruption of the nuclear membrane by perinuclear inclusions of mutant huntingtin causes cell-cycle re-entry and striatal cell death in mouse and cell models of Huntington's disease

Role of the chaperone DnaK in protein solubility and conformational quality in inclusion body-forming Escherichia coli cells

Chaperone proteins identified from synthetic proteasome inhibitor-induced inclusions in PC12 cells by proteomic analysis

Parasporin-1, a Novel Cytotoxic Protein to Human Cells from Non-Insecticidal Parasporal Inclusions of Bacillus thuringiensis


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abbr.: I cell; a type of cell that is seen in tissues from patients with mucolipidosis II (I‐cell disease) and that contains inclusions consisting of very large lysosomes whose contents are heterogeneous, comprising mucopolysaccharide, whorls of membrane, and other material.


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