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Suppose that f(x) → 0 and g(x) → 0 as xa. Then the limit of the quotient f(x)/g(x) as xa is said to give an indeterminate form, sometimes denoted by 0/0. It may be that the limit of f(x)/g(x) can nevertheless be found by some method such as l'Hôpital's rule.

Similarly, if f(x) → ∞ and g(x) → ∞ as xa, then the limit of f(x)/g(x) gives an indeterminate form, denoted by ∞/∞. Also, if f(x) → 0 and g(x) → ∞ as xa, then the limit of the product f(x)g(x) gives an indeterminate form 0×∞.

Subjects: Mathematics.

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