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The property of an electric circuit or component that causes an e.m.f. to be generated in it as a result of a change in the current flowing through the circuit (self inductance) or of a change in the current flowing through a neighbouring circuit with which it is magnetically linked ( mutual inductance). In both cases the changing current is associated with a changing magnetic field, the linkage with which in turn induces the e.m.f. In the case of self inductance, L, the e.m.f., E, generated is given by E = −L.dI/dt, where I is the instantaneous current and the minus sign indicates that the e.m.f. induced is in opposition to the change of current. In the case of mutual inductance, M, the e.m.f., E1, induced in one circuit is given by E1 = −M.dI2/dt, where I2 is the instantaneous current in the other circuit.

Subjects: Physics.

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