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invariant chain

invariant chain

The intracellular localization and oligomerization of chicken invariant chain with major histocompatibility complex class II subunits

Both invariant chain isoforms Ii31 and Ii41 promote class II antigen presentation.

MHC class II and invariant chain biosynthesis and transport during maturation of human precursor dendritic cells.

The MHC class II β chain cytoplasmic tail overcomes the invariant chain p35‐encoded endoplasmic reticulum retention signal

The Effect of Site-Directed Mutagenesis of the Ambient Amino Acids of Leucine-Based Sorting Motifs on the Localization of Chicken Invariant Chain

Alternating charge clusters of side chains: new surface structural invariants observed in calf eye lens gamma-crystallins

The functional role of class II-associated invariant chain peptide (CLIP) in its ability to variably modulate immune responses

Detection of aberrant association of DM with MHC class II subunits in the absence of invariant chain

HLA-DM and invariant chain are expressed by thyroid follicular cells, enabling the expression of compact DR molecules

A continuous central motif of invariant chain peptides, CLIP, is essential for binding to various I-A MHC class II molecules.

Induction of T cell responses to the invariant chain derived peptide CLIP in mice immunized with the group 1 allergen of house dust mite

The p35 human invariant chain in transgenic mice restores mature B cells in the absence of endogenous CD74

Invariant chains with the class II binding site replaced by a sequence from influenza virus matrix protein constrain low-affinity sequences to MHC II presentation

Development of hapten-induced IL-4-producing CD4+ T lymphocytes requires early IL-4 production by alphabeta T lymphocytes carrying invariant V(alpha)14 TCR alpha chains.

An altered invariant chain protein with an antigenic peptide in place of CLIP forms SDS-stable complexes with class II alphabeta dimers and facilitates highly efficient peptide loading.

Comparison of thymocyte development in normal and invariant chain-deficient mice provides evidence that maturation-related changes in TCR and co-receptor levels play a critical role in cell fate


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A small protein (Ia antigen-associated invariant chain, CD74, MHC class II γ chain, 296 aa) of invariant sequence, containing a single transmembrane domain, that is essential for the assembly of MHC class II molecules. The invariant chain assembles into a trimer which then associates with three class II αβ MHC heterodimers; the nine-membered complex is then moved through the endoplasmic reticulum system to compartments where peptide loading of class II takes place, the invariant chain is released and degraded, and the antigen-binding groove of the MHC dimer is exposed.

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