Jaki and Dribidu and the Leper Woman

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(Lugbara/DRCongo, Sudan, Uganda)

The creation and subsequent happenings occurred at a place called Loloi.

The last pair of siblings produced the two hero-ancestors, Jaki and Dribidu, who came to the present country of the Lugbara and there sired many sons, the founders of the present clans. They were not human as men are now: Dribidu, the hairy one, was covered with long hair over most of his body. He was also known as Banyale, eater of men, since he ate his children until he was discovered and driven out of his earlier home on the east bank of the Nile. Dribidu died on Mount Eti, and Jaki on Mount Liru. They accomplished supernatural deeds, were involved in fantastic adventures. Each one of them met a woman with leprosy and was given fire by her to cook his food. Each cured the woman, then had sexual relations with her. This led to a dispute with her kin, and each had to pay a fine along with a dowry. This was, it is said, the origin of war and dowry. Each acquired a knowledge of fire from indigenous people, and each was a rainmaker, the first among their people. See also: Adro, Gborogboro and Meme.

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